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Beheader class Assault Corvette by Evilonavich Beheader class Assault Corvette by Evilonavich

“Beheader” class Sarian Star Kingdom Navy Assault Corvette  

38 Metres

680 tons

6.4 Metres of Haik hexarmor with thermal super conductor underlay with many many patches and rebuilds of lesser materials , RHA equiv is 3 metres or 40 depending on whether you hit Haik or a patch.

Atmospheric capable in its original configuration the clans have long forsaken planets, now festooned with radiators and reclamation units the Beheader can never again kiss a worlds surface.

The Beheader is fully FTL capable.

The Clans only remaining vintage produce of lost Saria, the Beheader is a highly effective if much personalized modified and repaired and salvaged assault corvette carried in a clan hard point aboard clan frigates cruisers or GP bays rather than the massive Sarian Kingdom capital ships she was originally intended for. Possessing six node tracking turrets the Beheader provides much of the clans frigates point defense when on her launch rails and can carry two of the clans Vampire missiles, a long range drop tank or a repair grapnel.  The Beheader acts to extend the clans defensive envelope against missile and drone fire, slay systems on larger capital ships and is an effective self contained light raiding gunship.

Its six dual mount independently powered modular turrets have lost there reverse reentry teardrop and have had slab and slat armor added along with additional local thermal regulation and gas reclamation units.  The vast majority mount the smaller 56mm caliber auto cannons that make up part of a clan ships multi gun pods and share the same ammunition, though rarely they may have a grapnel launcher in place of this. 

In this basic shared load out a Beheader turret can mark a targets system with short term high intensity homing beacon screamers or long term low intensity homing beacon taggers for a clan ships multi guns primaries to service. They can also switch to the much rarer degenerate matter tipped AP heads to "behead" a capital ships systems or attempt to breach specific compartments of a target vessel. This for a far lower cost allows the clans to replicate the "needle beam" fire effect of a vastly larger main stream capital vessel and was there original intended primary ammunition load.

For the most part however they fire spreads of simple proximity detonating fragmentary rounds, explosively forged penetrators, "dumb" ARAD MH2 plastic squash heads or multi spectrum EM dazzlers and DEW deflecting bright dust. 

All of these rounds use simple metallic hydrogen propulsion and the same substance for warheads.  The MH2 variable propulsion allows the clans to very tightly vary the outgoing round velocity.  

In time a Beheaders on board micro manufactuary can produce all of these ammunition types save the degenerate matter tips, which it has been known for the clan to re harvest from a target if they remains stable for reforging and reuse.   

Beheaders are generally owned and operated by a single clan family unit and are by far the most common craft the raider clans of lost Saria possess.

Xvampir3 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
great design im serious... 
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The Clan version looks much cooler.
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