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Templar MBT by Evilonavich Templar MBT by Evilonavich
The TR-500 Templar main battle tank was designed as the replacement for the ageing TR-220 Trenchant. Using a heavily augmented variant of the Mk.VIII Drexel Engineering Tanks running gear which features high capacity treads capable of withstanding most equivalent technological base infantry portable conventional light and medium weapons. The Templar was to be built around the new SCAPA VN-3999 100mm coil driver kinetic projectile cannon. The VN-3999 had previously been developed for the ZMSF’s failed low signature urban combatant tank destroyer program, unable to find an economically viable recoil compensation system for the project the VN-3999 was shelved for 3 years until the start of the Templar program. With a far higher power consumption than the Trenchant’s single Henk Power Systems (HPS) Mk.III HT 30 Gallon Matter Decay Reactor could supply the Templar was equipped with 2 laterally mounted cylindrical SCAPA Mk.VII 45 Gallon reactors slaved to the drive trains and a single SCAPA PP-98 contra gravity assisted implosion fusion pulse reactor primarily slaved to the weapons system and battle screen. Given the nature of the pulse reactor the Templar can operate on a much wider range of power outputs than the Trenchants HPS HT’s.

The Templar is designed to house a four man crew, the commander, the driver, the main gunner and the secondary gunner (who handles defensive fire and battle screen operations). It features hull down two blow out escape hatches and one hull up, and three conventional hatches all equipped with ZMSF standard remote operation enabled heavy infantry portable weapons mounts usually fitted with ultra light infinite repeaters, flechette rifles, grenade launchers, or micro smart missile launchers. The turret top hatch features a secondary power feed for a heavier weapon, usually a shoulder fired anti aircraft HVM carried by the gunner who is the only crew member in the turret. The Templar does not feature any blow out systems in its main ammunition storage racks (located in the turret bustle) as it in usual operation carries inert kinetic rounds.

The Templars main armament the VN-3999 100mm coil driver can fire a variety of penetrator rounds, hot dust (battle field denial radioactive/toxin mix) rounds, tactical nuclear or electron compression demolition charges, “canister” anti light combatant smart rounds, a MV “sawn off” Starslam Hyper Velocity Missile for takeing out heavy aerospace threats or engaging at extreme range and a highly efficient and lethal counter-power armour (Flechette) round which features a 20 degree spread and has also proven useful against lightly armoured personnel carriers and “winging” aerospace craft. The VN-3999 standard SCAPA conductive synth alloy / DU round impacts with a maximum force of 2 kilotons. The VN-3999 is coupled to an autoloader with a 8 round revolver magazine, the revolver magazine allows a rate of fire of 8 rounds in the first 28 seconds of combat with 4 being “full velocity” shots with 12 further rounds fired “full velocity” at an interval of 31 seconds between rounds, after this the barrel must go through an LN2 gauss purge cycle lasting no less than 1 minute or risk misfire and barrel fouling and distortion.

The Templars secondary armament is a co axial General Data Technologies 1.2 Gigawatt contra grav rotation mechanism gas cooled counter light armour / dazzler XASER which has remarkably effective useful in its secondary role as XIDAR fire control for the main armament, effectively finding weak spots in enemy armour.

The Templar has a wide variety of modular attachments that can be mounted on its main turret, and body including a 15 ton capable crane with grapnel field generator, an ultra light armoured pilon mounted CIWS ultra light infinite repeater, offensive turret sponson pod multipurpose heavy 4 cell HVM launchers, defensive turret top mounted HVM 12 cell launchers with an independent targeting system, heavy turret sponson mounted gun pods featuring twin medium rotary infinite repeaters and twin 15mm coil guns and hull mounted automated “slide on” sponson point defence/anti personnel light infinite repeater mounts. A mine plow, and excavator are also available for frontal mounting.

The Templars turret is equipped with 8 35mm Multi purpose grenade launchers and the main forward body is equipped with 12 60mm counter measure tasked grenade launchers.

The Templar’s armour consists of military grade ground combat variant synthetic alloy varying from 630mm (Turret), (430mm)Forward zone and rear) to 350mm (Sides) to 220mm (underside) with an equivalent Tensile Strength (MPa) of 5,450 a density (g/cm3) of 5.86 grams a Specific Strength (MPa-cm3/g) of 930 covered in a 1.3 mm thick layer of super conductor covered with an ablative 15mm to 40mm layer of advanced silicon based plastic with a melting point of 23,700 C designed to resist local environmental conditions. The Templars running gear armoured sections are 230mm thick and equipped with reactive armour. The Templars Battle Screen is rated to a maximum of 2.3 Kilotons equivalent force with an 85% absorption rate for hyper velocity kinetic rounds when drawing the Templars entire power output. It is vulnerable to resetting if exposed to star drive fields.

Further Templar variants are to be tested with low calibre hellbores a heavy tactical airspace defence infinite repeater variant but the wide variety of munitions the coil gun is capable of delivering make it the most tactically useful of weapons while still retaining all the lethality of a hellbore against armoured targets without the radioactive side effects (unless the Templar utilises its electron compression shells, tactical nuclear shells or counter biological hot dust shells).

The manned variant of the Templar features a GDT combat hardened internal optic data sharing network with multiple redundant processing/storage units dispersed at 12 points capable of 0.3 of human baseline. The Templar in this mode is capable of autonomous combat and tactical “survival” action. The Templar in SI operated mode features a single energy state processing module which takes up most of the unused crew space and is rated for 4.8 of human baseline. Templar features 42 2mm passive optic pick ups with limited LIDAR capacity and 5 high capacity optic pick ups along with a wide array of mission variable EM active and passive sensors. The Templar usually carries and supports 6 scouting drones. The Templars 2 multipurpose scanning masts can be extended up to 23 metres. The Templar features standard ZMSF developed recycling and biological support systems.


Dimensions: 18 metres long, 8.7 wide,5.3 metres high (including turret) 3.9 metres high (body)

Wieght: 385 tons.

Crew: 4

Cruising Speed: 80 Km/h

Maximum Speed: 120 km/h


2 SCAPA Mk.VII cylinderical Matter Decay 45 Gallon reactors

1 SCAPA PP-98 contra gravity assisted implosion fusion pulse reactor

Main Armament:

VN-3999 100mm coil driver (maximum conventional fire power 2 kilotons, maximum unconventional fire power (electron compression demolition charge) 3 megatons.

Secondary Armament:

Co axial General Data Technologies 1.2 Gigawatt contra gravity rotation mechanism gas cooled counter light armour / dazzler XASER

Tertiary Armement
3 Pintle standard remote operation enabled heavy infantry portable weapons mounts.

4 “slide on” side mounted defence mount points.

2 Heavy Turret Sponson mounts.

1 Turret Top autonomous powered mount.
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ScrewfaceRomeo Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, but can it take a Casaba Howitzer to the face?
Evilonavich Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
For a given value of Casaba howitzer...yes.
ScrewfaceRomeo Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
For a given value of anything there's something that can take it.
Commander-Fillmore Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
that's awesome dude
Commander-jao Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2009  Student General Artist
it is a bit big though
Killswitch-313 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2006
*Eye twitches* That is soooo awesome... must...have... taaaaank... seriously though, that is sweet as hell! (In a good way!)
Evilonavich Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Um thankyou kindly , in theory if you were in game in nationstates you could roleplay purchaseing and useing yon tank. Though driving it through the local traffic would be far more entertaining.
daxyliora Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2006
Evilonavich Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thankee >>
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